Cybersecurity Event for Businesses

Cyberthreats and Small Business from Mars Bank and
@Risk Technologies, Inc.

Small Business Attacks are Big Business

This event is past, but there is an event in Grove City, learn more.
image of small business in front of city skyscrapers with word Entrance over doorTwo-thirds of all cyber attacks on businesses target small companies. Why?

  • Most small companies don’t have the resources to defend their systems
  • Small businesses don’t effectively train their staff about cyberthreats
  • Small businesses are the entrance to other companies… which include bigger cyber targets

Cyberthreats and Small Business… You’ll Learn:

What you need to know and how to protect your company.
Technology – The tools and tech that can help secure your systems and monitor attacks.

Processes – Ways to increase security around who and how data is accessed.

People – Threats that target users and how to train your team to be the first line of defense.

October 10, 2019 11:30am at Treesdale Country Club (if you are looking for the Grove City event, click here)

Fill out the registration below or Call: 724-625-1555×250 or Email.


The bank is celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness month in October. Cybercrimes are the #1 threat facing our nation according to the FBI. Fraud, identity theft and other online scams such as malware and phishing have increased exponentially in the last decade.
Mars Bank is committed to safeguarding your personal and financial information.  Therefore, we continually strive to implement sophisticated technologies to provide you with a positive online and mobile banking experience with ease of use and a high level of security.
However, you must protect your information and identity. YOU are the first line of defense. Therefore, Mars Bank is pleased to offer free resources and training to help you protect your identity, information, and business. We periodically hold live events, and always have a range of resources and free online training available on our Security page
To learn more about how Mars Bank helps protect your business, contact our Commercial Banking department at 724-625-1555 x250 or speak with your relationship manager. 
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