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Personal Loans

Maybe you are thinking of consolidating some of your bills, or perhaps you would like to go on that exotic vacation you have always wanted to take. Whatever your financial needs may be, Mars Bank has Personal Loans to match. A Personal Loan is an easy way to afford the things that you otherwise might only dream about.

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Personal Term Loans

Effective March 1, 2019 • Subject to Change

Personal Unsecured Loans   
Loan Amount Up ToCredit Rating**TermRate
*$5,000Good12 - 36 Months9.25%
Good48 & 60 Months9.75%
*$10,000Better12 - 36 Months8.25%
Better48 & 60 Months8.75%
*$15,000Best12 - 36 Months7.00%
Best48 & 60 Months7.50%

Personal Unsecured Line Of Credit  
Max. Loan AmountCredit Rating**Rate
*$5,000GoodPrime Plus 6.00%
*$10,000BetterPrime Plus 5.00%
*$15,000BestPrime Plus 4.00%
*$30.00 Annual fee
*Higher amounts available based on strength of borrower

Personal Secured Loans   
Loan AmountCredit Rating**TermRate
*$5,000Good12 - 36 Months7.25%
Good48 & 60 Months7.50%
*$10,000Better12 - 36 Months6.75%
Better48 & 60 Months7.00%
*$15,000Best12 - 36 Months6.25%
Best48 & 60 Months6.50%
*Higher amounts available based on strength of borrower

Personal Auto Loans   
New/Used AutoCredit Rating**TermRate
2018 & 2019GoodUp to 60 Months4.50%
2015 - 2017GoodUp to 48 Months4.75%
2018 & 2019BetterUp to 60 Months4.25%
2015 - 2017BetterUp to 48 Months4.50%
2018 & 2019BestUp to 60 Months4.00%
2015 - 2017BestUp to 48 Months4.25%

**Credit rating is based on multiple factors. All loans subject to  Mars Bank underwriting standards.

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