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2018 Best Mortgage Lender Award

Home Refinancing

Considering refinancing your mortgage? Rates are still low and available for different terms. You may even be

able to lower your rate and the length of term. The result will be saving money now and in the future by paying off your mortgage sooner.

Choose Mars Bank for our great rates and service. Voted Best Mortgage Lender 2018 in the Cranberry Eagle Community Choice Awards… our seventh award since 2013!


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Apply online or check current rates. Or, email or call us at 724-776-3803 to answer any questions and get the process started. 


Working with a Mortgage Loan Officer?

Use these links to contact or apply online with one of our Mortgage Loan Officers: Terry Colabrese, Debbie Hopper, Shelley Hysong, Megan Legursky, or Bryan McClaine