Mars Bank is Serious About Your Security

Mars Bank is committed to safeguarding your personal and financial information.  Therefore, we continually strive to implement sophisticated technologies to provide you with a positive online and mobile banking experience with ease of use and a high level of security.

Mars Bank will never request confidential information through telephone, text, or email solicitations.  Any such requests should be reported immediately to the bank. Please always protect your personal and confidential information, sign-on IDs and passwords at all times.

Coronavirus Related Scam Information

The FBI and other authorities are warning about increased scam and fraud activity. Subjects such as Covid-19 cures, masks and emergency equipment, government relief programs and other topics related to the crisis. Be careful of emails with subjects about these topics. Do not open or click links in emails from unfamiliar sources. 

See the latest information about the scams and fraud:

American Banking Association fraud resource page.

Homeland Security fraud information page.

Education Resources

Free Online Cyber Training

Mars Bank recognizes that we must all work together to prevent cybercrime, phishing attacks, and to know how to protect our personal information.   That’s why the bank has partnered with a leading computer-based security awareness training organization, KnowBe4.

Every individual person has a role to play in security and Mars Bank wants you to have access to the tools needed to protect yourself, your employees, family, and friends.  The KnowBE4 Home Internet Security training covers:

  • Passwords
  • Online Banking Security
  • Identity Theft
  • Malware
  • Confidentiality of Personal Information
  • Child Protection Online
  • Securing your Network
  • Email and Attachments

To access this training, click here to sign up!

Online and Mobile Banking

These services are accessed using your personal sign-on ID and password (these are your user credentials).  The Bank’s security measures depend upon you keeping your user credentials confidential.  We recommend that you do not share your user credentials with anyone, including third-party websites or companies, that request your Mars Bank user credentials to provide you with their services. Security Best Practices downloadable resource – click here.

Prevention and Protection

CardValet – with CardValet you can prevent unauthorized use of your debit card by giving you control on when, how, and where your debit card is used.  You can also set up alerts in CardValet. Learn more about Card Valet by clicking hereMore information on Debit Card Security.

EMV Chip Card – This EMV chipped card adds more security to protect your data by inserting the card into retailer card readers rather than swiping. Learn more here.

Online Statements – Protect your self from mail fraud by signing up for Online Statements.  Log into your Mars Bank Online Banking account and choose Statements to sign up for easy and secure access to your statements whenever you need it.

SSL Certification – Mars Bank uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates to protect you while you browse the bank’s website.  Be sure that the address bar (or URL) of your browser begins with https:// (for example, when accessing the bank’s website.

Alerts and Notifications

Account Activity – You can set up alerts in Online Banking and CardValet to notify you of account activity such as spending, balances, deposits, and funds transfers.

System Activity – You will receive alerts to notify you of system activity such as when you change your password, add a new bill payee, schedule transfers, and schedule payments to other people.


Mars Bank’s Privacy Notice indicates what type of personal information is collected, why it is collected and how it is collected.  View the bank’s Privacy Notice here.  Click here for downloadable Tips to Help Protect Your Privacy

Internet Security 

Register for FREE internet security training for individuals or businesses.

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Cybersecurity Resources 

Online Scams and Alerts

Read the latest security alerts and scams, plus ways to protect your identity and information. Read more…

Lost Card? Report it immediately

Protect yourself! Report a Lost or Stolen Mars Bank Credit Card immediately by calling: 1-800-883-0131.

To Report a Lost or Stolen ATM Card or Mars Bank Debit/Check Card, Please call: 1-800-472-3272.